Thursday, October 29, 2015

Warm and Toasty

“Even the strongest blizzards start with a single snowflake.”

Sara Raasch, Snow Like Ashes

It is that time of year, when for many of us the weather starts to get colder, and colder. Not only does it get colder, but the rain starts to fall, and soon that rain shall indeed turn to snow. That means, no more shorts, its time to dress warm, and start up those fire places.

If you have followed my blog before, you know by now how sexy I think being comfortable is, again this outfit is no exception. This top by I'piteme is entitled Cross Oversized Sweater, and will keep you warm no matter where you go. This outfit is just plain cute, and the textures are amazing. The outfit itself is mesh and comes in 5 standard meaning that it can fit pretty much any mesh body you have. (As always I recommend trying the demo to make sure). This outfit also has the customization to match any look you might want as it comes with a 34 texture hud giving you the ability to change colors when ever you want. (see hud picture below). It is also worth noting that I'piteme also has another version of this sweater called Alpine Over-Sized Sweater, which is also for sale.(not pictured).

Cross Sweater Hud 

Moving on to the cute tights, these are yet another item that are guaranteed to make you warn and toasty. These tights from I'piteme are entitled Cable Knit Tights Essentials, and can go perfect with just about any outfit that you have. These tights come with both the system clothes for you non mesh wearers, and appliers for Maitreya, Slink, Omega, Belleza, and Lena. It is also worth mentioning that I'piteme has created several different versions of these tights for sale including a bold version, toeless essentials, and toeless bold. (none of these are pictured and they all are sold separately) Finally the essentials version comes with 12 different colors, giving you the versatility to match pretty much any outfit you have. (See Hud Pictures Below) 

~I'piteme Cross Tights Essentials Hud~

Finally, the last thing I want to talk about today is shoes, because I love good quality shoes. I am yet again rocking Soul Emporium's Tara Heel's because they are one of my favorite shoes, and they matched perfectly with my entire outfit. I also blogged them again for another reason, Soul Emporium is having a massive sale over the next couple of weeks, and they have decided to slash the prices of everything including there amazing shoes complete with amazing color huds! (If you haven't seen these quality shoes check out my previous posts, which go more in-depth as to the hud's and gorgeous textures of these shoes)
Soul Emporium Tara Shoe Hud

~SOUL EMPORIUM sale Marketplace Link~ 

Without a doubt this outfit will keep you cute, warm, and comfy, all while still showing off that sexy woman you are. 

What I am wearing: 
Body Essentials:
Mesh Body: 
Slink Physique Body

Mesh Hands: 
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands Elegant1

Mesh Feet: 
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High

IKON Triumph Eyes - Coffee


eXxEsS : LILY Mesh Hair

Phobia Facial Piercing ~ Eye Diamonds 

I'piteme Cross Oversized Sweater (Inworld SLURL)
I'piteme Cable Knit Tights Essential (Inworld SLURL)

*Soul Emporium*  Tara Heels (Marketplace Link) (Inworld SLURL) (Demo Link)

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