Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Purple Haze

 “It's not worth our while to let our imperfections disturb us always.”
― Henry David Thoreau

Every once in a while a outfit comes along that simply shoots to the very top of your favorite outfit list. This is one of those for me. The options it has are simply amazing, from the top, to the skirt, to even the shoes. No matter what mood I could possibility be in, there is a color that will match that with this outfit. It also features one of my favorite animals ever, the bat. 

To start with the top, from I'piteme named Batty Natty Tank, has to be one of my all time favorite shirts, and not just because it's named after me. This top is simply beautiful, and with 10 color choices it can go with pretty much anything. Even if you don't want to wear the bat version, the non bat version is beautiful too. Also, this top comes in standard mesh sizes, 5 fit mesh sizes, a maitreya version, a slink version, and a belleza venus version, so you won't have any problems fitting it to your body, though as always I would recommend you try the demo just to be safe. Finally all of this comes for a price that wont break you, as it is no more then a regular shirt. 

Moving on to the skirt, and stockings, we all know how amazing Blueberry clothes are, and the Ena skirt is no exception. The best part about this skirt is the customization that it allows. It comes with built in panties, garter belts, and a regular belt all of which can be taken off, as well as stocking which are compatible with slink, belleza, and maitreya shoes. One thing I will mention, is these stockings are made to be used without mesh feet, meaning you cannot wear the stockings and your mesh feet at the same time; however they still fit your mesh shoes just fine. As always Blueberry supports all of the major mesh bodies, coming with a Maitreya, Belleza (Freya, Isis, and Venus), and a Slink fitted version. 

Last but not least we have a new set of beautiful shoes from Soul Emporium entitled Tara. We all know how much I happen to love shoes, and this release from Soul Emporium, has got to be one of my favorite shoe releases in the last couple of months. The attention to detail paid to these shoes is simply insane, and really my words can do no justice to how good they will look on your feet. The customization, and color options alone, make these shoes a must have for anyone who loves heels like I do. I must mention that these shoes are slink high foot compatible, meaning you must have slink mesh feet in order to wear them. 

Without a doubt, I will be wearing this outfit a lot, as not only does it have bats, but it is just plain cute, and will have anyone happy with the amount of customization you can put into it. 

What I am wearing:

Body Essentials:
Slink Mesh Body
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Elegant1

eXxEsS EZRA (Marketplace Link)

IKON Triumph Eyes Coffee


Phobia Facial Piercing ~ Eye Diamonds 
!TLB - Beware the Night Necklace (Marketplace Link
Herspherical {Batty Earrings} Black  (Marketplace Link
.:ECCO:. Gone Batty Ring (Marketplace Link


I'piteme Batty Natty Tank (Marketplace Link)  (Inworld SLURL) (Demo Link

Skirt and stockings: 
Blueberry - Ena - FatPack (Marketplace Link) (Inworld SLURL) (Demo Link

*Soul Emporium*  Tara Heels (Marketplace Link) (Inworld SLURL) (Demo Link)

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